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7ish 7x10 8x10 a technique to prevent collapse of stone roofs a window at banteay srei encloses 5 balusters and 4 types or colors of sandstone in the framing. mythology of the time requires that 3 acadamy awards an artist paints cherry blossoms as part of his image. lacquer will be applied over his final painting giving a high gloss fine art image. and the dense jungle surrounding the area. angkor thom angkor wat another popular offering antelope canyon antonio architecture are all over the city. stopping for red lights is unusual arezzo argentina arni arno as street light signals and traffic laws are generally regarded as a suggestion at over 11 az b10c10 balanced and ready to be carried on the shoulders. barbados barga behind india and thailand bell tower bicycle blblue blsky blue angels bluesky but this wonderful colorful rooster walked right next to me looking for the nearby stream. buying from the farmer and selling to the retailer by a us pilot looking down from his aircraft during the viet nam war. here cafe cai rang floating marketmekong delta cake california cambodia cambodia. a single lotus blossom in one of the moats surrounding the complex. cambodia. a tourist strikes a pose at angkor wat. this type of scene is common among asian tourists. cambodia. a view entering the east gate of the temple complex. this unesco world heritage site is the third most important buddhist temple in the eastern world. rumored to be a lost city cambodia. angkor means city in the cambodian language. this structure is the bayon temple cambodia. bayon temple bas reliefs of serene faces that decorate each of the towers. of the 54 original towers cambodia. bayon temple contains 54 towers built during the reign of king jayavarman vii 11811202. note the corbel archway into the temple cambodia. bicycles and motor scooters dominate transportation. a balanced load is the key to a safe journey. cambodia. built in the memory of jayavarman viis mother cambodia. from the main complex cambodia. intricate carvings at banteay srei temple are characteristic of this hindu shrine. note the monkeys guard the entry doors. cambodia. one of several cambodian dancers entertaining tourists within the temple grounds. cambodia. physical yoga is one of several forms of prayer in the hindu religion. here a woman meditates in a classic yoga pose within the walls of banteay srei temple. cambodia. scene at our beautiful hotel and resort cambodia. the tiny 10th century pink sandstone temple banteay srei was built for the hindu god cambodia. view from the west side of the moat surrounding the main temple complex. three of the towers are seen within the inner walls of the temple. cambodia. view to the west from the top of the temple. campanile can tho can tho mekong delta can thomekong delta cancun castelnuovo cathedral chinese spirituality and the vietnamese folk religion. chinque terra chocolate christel's house christmas christmas decoration christmas decorations christmas lights christmas party church coast line concert contrast cortona cvbluesky da nang dawn decoration depth destroying the boat and killing the crew. the dragons purpose is to terrify the sea monsters and frighten them away. diablo bridge display window double doug dsc0876 duomo egypt employed by the egyptians 3500 years earlier. en route to hue escalade exports 6 facade fgnd fire and earth. caves within the hills hold florence france frank lloyd wright friends fruit fête de l'escalade generically called by the brand name honda geneva getty museum glued to a base and then coated with many coats of lacquer. the result of the intense labor is a dramatic work of art. grand grauman's chinese griffith observatory gyro hanio hanoi hblue hmaster hoi an holiday decorations hollyhock house hotel hsky hue including female manifestations. viet nam embraces the female manifestation of buddha. including the husks indian dance into a lamp base. the buddha is regarded as the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance. when lamps are lighted in his name it is also frequented by buddhist practitioners as a place of prayer and devotion. the fragrant smoke of incense sticks teaches the need to burn away ones negative qualities to reveal the pure self witihin. it was discovered in the mid 1800s by french explorer henri moughot. the 5 main towers one seen here are more than 180 feet tall. italy jeannie jordan just the rocky mountain version of a fragile alpine tundra. king king of egypt lab labc lauto lby lcontrast lighthouse lobster boat lobster pots looking northward on a hot and humid evening los angeles lucca lwing macedonia maine malibu manarola many can be grown with brackish water. this is a major advantage for a country that many secrets and are also buddhist sanctuaries and places of worship and popular spiritual sites. marble marble mountain. an inner grotto has a shrine to the lady buddha. i understand that in buddhism a total of 33 different manifestations of avalokiteśvara the bodhisattva of compassion are described marble mountain. confucius at chess featured in one of the grottos on the mountain. vietnamese mahayana great vehicle buddhism has had a syncretic relationship with certain elements of taoism marble mountain. today we climbed one of the hills of marble mountain into the maze of sanctuaries. this is the largest buddha is the spiritual sanctuary. maria market mary day mask mekong delta metal montalcino monte montecatini montepulciano morocco munch musician musikverein named because it looked like a piece of china nat new york city night not not a regulation to be followed. not beauty notre dame de paris novella nyc ocean old market. bicycles and motor bikes carry all manner of goods to market. this bicyclist stopped for us. jean purchased a sting of cone hats. just the beginning of the shopping spree. old market. we returned the next morning to the old market with the full group. the lady had some fine roosters for sale. rooster soup anyone ill take mine without the feathers old market. woman selling tangerines in the street. only only 37 remain standing. or even perhaps another distributor. women wear mostly traditional costumes and seem to be more visible than men in the floating marketplace. organ palio pano parade paris parks pedestrian bridge perhaps after his death. the last two symbols mean giver of life. pf80x25 pizza please. ponte vecchio poppy portavenere presidio process ravenna red riomaggiore river walk rmnp rock rockefeller center rodeo saigon sanofiaventis santa barbara seems the only consideration. senario sepia sh2 shiva in the 10th century. it is known as the jewel of khmer art. sidewalks and streets are for motor scooters. pedestrians have to find their way safely wherever they can. siem reap siena sky snotsky sofitel angkor phokeethra. something to sell. st germain st michael monument storm street musician sunrise switzerland taliesin taliesin east temple ta prohm teton the ancient imperial capital. the bridge was constructed between july 209 and october 2012. the can be a welcome addition to an otherwise austere household. the hieroglyphs are read from l. to r. the sedge and the bee represent the king of upper and lower egypt. the cartouche contains the name of seti i the oldest on ground level. climbing stairs is left for the young. the scene remains beautiful. the southern branch of the mekong river. spring starts early this far south where january daytime temperatures can rise to over 90o f and 95 humidity. the town sits on the north bank near the mouth of the thu bon river. it reflects a fusion of indigenous and foreign cultures chinese and japanese with later dutch and portuguese and french influences that combined to produce its unique survival. here a woman rows her small craft across the river. the wear and tear is easily visible. they are so intertwined. this buddhist temple monastry from the 12th century is over run with the encroaching jungle. removing the jungle from the structures would destroy the remains of the temple this eastward view shows the steep stairs one climbs to enter the temple this man battles the surf in order to tend to his fishing just south of da nang city. this unesco world heratige site features an old town tibet tourist market and people selling all sorts of goods. here two women agreed to be photographed with their fruit baskets train unprocessed rice in 50kg bags some is stacked in the background are moved from the barge to the conveyer belt and carried by men to stack for processing and polishing. all the rice and its byproducts are used upper mekong river vienna viet nam virgin islands virginia vn vn. a woman on her boat prepares a fresh pinapple for retail sale to people navigating the boats in the floating market. vn. a woman paddles her small wooden boat to shore through a sea of bamboo poles. vn. all types of businesses have need of waterways to thrive. here vn. also directly across the street from the museum of cham sculpture is the famous dragon bridge spans the han river. designed by an american consulting engineering firm vn. another beautiful view of the thien mu pagoda. the seven story octagonal structure is regarded as an unofficial symbol of the city. vn. another young woman attends to her store front. her home unit is visible inside the building. these buildings are 12 wide and vary in depth. expansion is upward as a family dwelling. younger generations live on the highest floors vn. as in all of viet nam vn. china beach vn. farmers work the rice paddies in a small village north of da nang. vn. fish farming is an important sustainable business along the tributaries of the mekong river. here a woman feeds her crop of growing fish. vn. fishing is a major industry in viet nam and also of great importance to the local populations. here vn. fishing village on one of the many rivers between da nang and hue vn. gate at the imperial citadel. while beautiful vn. hue is the ancient imperial capital. the moat and gate are part of the imperial citadel. vn. hundreds of boats anchor in the river selling durable goods to all sorts of food products . these boats are middle man merchants vn. in the same lacquer factory vn. jade emperor pagoda. one of the many poorly lit worship rooms within the walls of the temple. the light of buddha shines on all. vn. jade emperor pagoda. people pray with incense sticks while a woman pours coconut oil vn. lush hibiscus flowers bloom in the springtime along the river. at this location we are 10 o north of the equator. vn. many of the gates within the imperial capital are decorated with beautiful scenes. despite the years of neglect and weathering vn. marble mountain is a cluster of 5 limestone and marble hills south of da nang city. the hills are named for the 5 elements vn. millions of people live within the rivers drainage basins. people live in any dwelling they can assemble. functionality vn. most of the commerce is done on the streets in front of 12 wide store fronts vn. motor scooters vn. old market place walks. this gent had a portrait studio set up in a shop along the street. you can see the incredible lifelike image he is copying from a photograph for a client. who would have expected this in the old market district vn. old market. i was hoping to find a man with just such a beard. he sat calmly with great serenity in front of his market place.nam vn. originally the commercial capital of the cham people vn. our motorized sampan took us for a closer look of life along the river and its many tributaries. here this worker makes ceramic pot bases using simple tools to throw the clay and ensure uniformity of the base size and wall height. vn. our travels took us to a fruit tree orchard. not much to see in the orchard of jack fruit and other tropical fruit trees vn. party boats on the river offer a fun night life in can tho. vn. people pray at the jade emperor pagoda inside the city of saigon. although a taoist temple vn. portrait of young woman at the floating market. vn. rice paddies along the coast are brackish. of the 220 varieties of rice grown in the country vn. rice paddies for a wonderful quilt of water and land as workers tend to the fields. viet nam is one of the largest producers of rice in the world. most of its production is used for internal consumption. still enough remains for vietnam to be one of the top exporters of rice. vn. situated near da nang vn. song birds are a favorite pet of vietnamese people. colorful and cheerful vn. the dragons on the bow are an ancient tradition based on a superstition that sea monsters may attack the boat while at sea vn. the dress of the day was áo dài chic paired with christian louboutin shoes. vn. the han river is an important avenue of commerce as it empties into da nang bay. here is a view of the cầu trần thị lý bridge from the han river bank across the street from the museum of cham sculpture. vn. the pottery factory produces dozens of products every day. final polishing of the wet clay is all done by hand. vn. these branches and feathery leaves reminded me of the art of asian flower arranging and minimalist art. vn. this afternoon we visited the phuongnam lacquerware factory producing fine works of art. here a woman creates an image from egg shells vn. this beautifully illuminated pedestrian bridge is a pedestrian walkway over a tributary into the main river near our hotel. young people and couples enjoy the cooler evening air as the lotus blossom changes colors throughout its continuous light show. vn. this couple fishes from their small boat using a net to try to capture dinner or perhaps if nature provides more than enough vn. two gates at the imperial citadel. vn. we cruise along the perfume river on our sampan traditional flatbottomed fishing boat. note the fearsome dragons on the bow vn. we returned to our hotel and had time to wander around the old town after lunch. here women sit and prepare vegetables for sale. the large fruit in the front are jack fruit. vn. white foam plumeria flowers at dusk along the southern bank of the hau river south vn. young child pretends to be driving the scooter. some day she will have her own to navigate the streets of ho chi minh city. vn. young men dressed in dragon costumes prepare to meet wedding guests at a local hotel along the river. the dragon keeps evil spirits away. washington dc water we see the metaphorical contrast between the darkness of ignorance and the light of knowledge. which are fed to farm animals that get the most nutritious part of the rice. which give way to dwellings. this lady markets fruit and vegetables. the pine apples were delicious. whose empire once dominated much of southeast asia for more than 600 years. windjammers window wires wisconsin within the city of thom. angkor thom was the last capital of the khmers women's march on washington wood